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 Yautja Weapons

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Yautja Weapons Helmet

Yautja Weapons Infrared2

Yautja Weapons Infrared
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Mask / Bio Helmet
While on safari, the Predators wear distinctive headgear which serves multiple functions. The basic Mask worn by lower class warriors offers protection during combat, and houses a respirator which provides (or supplements) a breathable atmosphere. It is also capable of being used underwater similar to scuba gear.
The higher-class Bio Helmet performs the functions of the basic Mask, but also contains other devices. It can filter through five visual settings: Infrared, Ultraviolet, Thermal Imaging, Low-Light Amplification and Air Density Pressure (movement). The visual setting may also be modified for X-rays and Microwaves, with a built-in Magnetometer and a Geiger Counter.
Housed within the helmet is a targeting and tracking system for any shoulder-mounted weaponry, with an extensive array of surveillance equipment - including a Waveform Analyzer which can imitate previous words spoken to it in an effort to communicate with alien life forms.

Yautja Weapons Mesh
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Body Mesh / Padding
This is a basic 'wire' mesh, worn under a warrior's armour. Apart from providing electric-generated warmth, it is actually a component of the camoflauge device's citcuitry which allows cloaking of un-armoured body parts.
Although, as the mesh is seen being worn by most Predators even when cloaking isn't necessary, it seems they were designed as 'jumpsuits' meant for casual wear in their crafts - the closest they get to flight suits.

Yautja Weapons Armour
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Offers protection where the Predator needs it the most. Light and maneuverable, but is still vulnerable to heavy strikes. The ceramic plating is composed of a totally foreign compound (like other Predator materials) and some are capable of resisting acidic Xenomorph blood.
Ceremonial Armor is usually reserved for the upper classes and the elders, only found on the leader of the team. This interchanging plate armour is somewhat clunky, more for show than heavy-duty defense.

Yautja Weapons Suit
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Camouflage Suit
The camouflage is the ultimate in stealth technology. By bending light waves around the wearer, the suit makes them practically invisible. However, it doesn't grant true invisibility. An alert opponent would be able to notice the heatwave-like shimmer, especially noticeable when the wearer is moving.
The suit does not function well (if at all) immersed in water, and may be ineffective in enviroments saturated with material surrounding the wearer such as fog, rain, or dust.
Only mounted weapons are effected by the cloak. This includes concealed weapons like retracted wrist blades, collapsed spears or other weapons kept hidden by backpacks and so forth. Once extended or revealed, the weapon is visible.

Yautja Weapons Claws
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Wrist Blades
The Wrist Blade is the weapon of choice for most Predators. Twin blades (or occasionally triple blades) with jagged double edges and sharp enough to tear through bone, are effective against large and small opponents. Using the Wrist Blades show Predator pride, because they prefer melee combat fights - face to face.
The blades range from anywhere between 12 and 18 inches long and are retractable from a wrist gauntlet on the arm. They are forged from an unknown alloy which is almost unbreakable, but not totally immune to acidic Xenomorph blood.

Yautja Weapons Canon
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Shoulder Cannon (Plasma Caster)
The Shoulder Cannon is a mounted and lightweight weapon capable of firing multiple long-range energy burst of charged plasma. It is controlled via the targeting system in the helmet, and tracks with the head movement of the firer.
It can be used with the Laser Sight to increase targeting capacity, and is fired either by a mandible-controlled trigger in the helmet or by the forearm-mounted control panel.

Yautja Weapons Medi1
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Though not a weapon, the medikit is an indespensible Predator hunting item. It contains enough supplies to staunch blood-flow from bullet wounds, or even cauterise a lost limbs. While short on pain killers, the kit is highly effective.
The medikit includes surgical blades, a crystallised-medicine burner, medicine dispensers, an emergency breather and surgical hypodermics.

Yautja Weapons Spear2

Yautja Weapons Spear

Yautja Weapons Spacer

Spear Guns
The speargun is similar to a sniper rifle and can be fired from great distances, instantly killing victims. It can also attach their flesh, like a nail-gun, to a wall or solid area.
There seem to be more then one model of the Spear Gun. The original design was seemingly built-in as part of the armor or gauntlet - similar to the Gauntlet Plasma Bolt - while the newer version is a separate hand-held pistol, possibly even ranged with visual scopes.
It is the perfect silent ranged weapon, with some types of the weapon capable of firing multiple projectiles at opponents.

Yautja Weapons Wristbolt
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Gauntlet Plasma Bolt
This is undoubtably a retro-fit weapon installed by the warrior, as the weapon's use has only been recorded once. His choice was a Wrist Gauntlet projectile - either some type of self-propelled rocket, or more likely a plasma energy bolt. This was the only remaining projectile weapon left after the warrior's Shoulder Cannon was disabled.

Yautja Weapons Naginata
Yautja Weapons Spacer

The Naginata is part weapon, part ceremonial trophy, of many different types and designs. It is a beautifully plated and encrusted pole arm with double-ended cutting surfaces, an image of honor and demands respect when brandished. Each end is a super-sharp collection of blades causing devastating damage if struck upon a hapless victim.
The blades can flawlessly cut through almost any substance and also has a conducting field which allows it to be cloaked when in hand. When the weapon strikes, however, it becomes visible.

Yautja Weapons Glaive
Yautja Weapons Spacer

The Glaive is very similar to the Naginata - and may even be the same weapon, but adopted by a particular clan and personalised to each bearer - and is a very effective long-reach polearm. It is twin-headed, capable of being spun a high speed and delivering a rotating barrage of slashes to an opponent.

Yautja Weapons Dagger
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Ceremonial Dagger
The Ceremonial Dagger is a relatively new discovery, associated with the Blooding Rites of young Warriors. Its primary use is to remove the protective layer of skin of a Xenomorph, but could also be used as a close-contact weapon if need be. The Blade itself is made of either the bones or the 'resin' of a Xenomorph, making it resistant to their acidic blood.

Yautja Weapons Netgun
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Net Gun
The Net Gun is small and usually reserved for ambushing a group of prey, when entering a major combat area and the temporary incapacitation of a subject is necessary.
The net gun is not a projectile weapon, instead launches a web of razor-sharp wire powerful enough to propel a target to the floor/wall and pin them there, viciously cutting into the flesh.
If the target tries to struggle the damage increases, and this keeps up until the subject is released or is killed. The net can also release on a trigger from the weapon.

Yautja Weapons Maul

The Maul is another weapon of personalised design. It may vary greatly in appearance, but its general usage is the same - used in similar style to a sword, but its power is greatly increased by its counter-balanced design.
Mostly created from a forged alloy and double-edged, the Maul is capable of being used as a slashing weapon in all arcs of movement; but it can also be spun like the Naginata, to rain a barrage of blows onto a target.
Other designs are reminiscent of the 'mace heads' or 'morning stars' of the gladitorial era - either solid material with protruding spikes, or forged from a metallic alloy and covered in pointed nail-like objects.

Yautja Weapons Staff
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Combat Staff
The Staff (or Combi-Stick) is a self-powered telescoping spear that is merely one meter at its shortest length, but extends by two meters at each end.
The combi-staff makes a formidable weapon for close range attacks, due to its length customisation.
It can also be thrown, to puncture through a target.
Made of nearly unbreakable alloys, sharpened tips on either end produce electrical charges as it slices through any surface.

Yautja Weapons Disc
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Smart Disc
One of the most advanced pieces of equipment carried by the Predators, the smart disc is internally powered and can be held in the hand, or thrown at an opponent.
This device is capable of cutting through most substances with its devastating razor edges, and is powerful enough to cut through multiple targets with one throw.
Computer-controlled gyros guarantee that the disc returns to its wielder, but if it becomes embedded in a solid material it can be returned by the push of a control-panel button.

Yautja Weapons Shuriken
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Another advanced piece of technology, very similar in characteristics to the Smart Disc. The Shuriken is carried and transported as a flat circular device, but the push of its surface transforms it into a multi-pointed, sharp edged throwing star. Also like the Smart Disc, it is self-charged by an internal power supply.
The Shuriken can be thrown at an opponent, or used in hand-to-hand combat if necccesary, cutting through many substances with its many razor edges. When thrown, internal computer-controlled gyros (or possibly a remote homing device) returns the Shuriken to its wielder.

Yautja Weapons Destruct
Yautja Weapons Spacer

Self-Destruct Device
There are many uses for the control panel, such as changing vision modes, but the most remembered use is the self-destruct mechanism that can be activated through this device.
This weapon of last resort is used by warriors to keep honor when they die. After the device has been set, there is a one-minute countdown until the detonation of a micro-nuclear explosion.
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Yautja Weapons
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